Wednesday, January 31

Rock Beds

One way to impress a seven year old with your crochet powers is to make him something in 5 minutes.
Would anyone like the pattern? ;-)

Monday, January 1

"Massively Mini Media Player" Layer

Thought of a stocking stuffer for my son at the 11th hour Christmas Eve: a 'cozy' for his Chanukah present, a Massively Mini Media Player. This iPod-like gadget is small and slippery (and expensive) so it needs some kind of protective case. "Bob" is into "hippie" stuff lately (he asked for a lava lamp, tie-dye kit, and a magic 8 ball too), so I figured he'd wear something crocheted as long as it didn't look girly. Luckily I finished it just in time--it maybe took me 2 hours. He wears it proudly (red is his fav color) and I wish I had a photo of his face when he unwrapped it and realized what it is. He is most impressed that the holes allow him to press the buttons on the front and use the headphone jacks at the top. I didn't tell him that making holes wherever one wants them is what crocheters do best.