Sunday, June 10

G'morning Peacock Babies!

Seven hatchlings have their first breakfast in the corner of our backyard. Cheerios brought excited sounds from mom and babies. I managed to catch 6 babies in this photo.
Looks like 3 will be white! I don't know if there's a way to tell the girls from the boys yet. Here's a photo of mom's face. Can you find all 4 bebes in this photo?
The round red thing in the center foreground is a peach. These peacocks are dining in the shade of a peach tree and since we don't live in Georgia, these are nowhere near as large as Georgia peaches, but the flavor is outrageous! Concentrated peachiness. The cool thing about peaches fresh off of the tree is that the fuzz is warm and dry, and if you smother them in heavy cream, there's something about the fuzz that turns the cream into thickened "clotted" cream in 5 minutes or so. It seems more like a chemical reaction than a simple fiber thickening and it doesn't happen if the peach is rinsed or storebought.

None of this has anything to do with crocheted toys....yet....