Monday, August 20

Pokemon Crochet Book ARRIVED

Straight over from JAPAN where some of my MOST FAVORITE crochet books originate:
I bought it from an eBay seller named Megs Favorites, a great source for Japanese crochet books. Not only did it arrive fast and in great shape, but Meg also speaks English, a big plus for me over ordering books through Japanese Amazon.

About half of the projects are knitted (basically the sweaters). Most everything else is first-rate happydance-worthy crocheted amigurumi, YAY!
My toytester "Bob" is shiny-faced for a Togepi first and a Poliwag second. In case you've somehow managed to avoid learning about Pokemon, Togepi is white with blue and red triangles, and Poliwag is blue--won't that spiral be fun to make?! Like most kids, he would have chosen red-cheeked Pikachu first but already has some. Togepi toys are less common.
All right, I admit it, I like Pokemon too. I love Clefables, all the Evees, Bulbasaur, and the legendary ones. I love it when lightning comes out of Pikachu's cheeks and what happens when Jigglypuff gets mad. I love that in battle, some Pokemon can use Friendly Look or Heart Swap to confuse.

Friday, August 17

Fireside Boy's Cardi finished

Finally took some pics of a sweater my son requested back in early Spring. One reason I tend to crochet toys is he hates wearing sweaters. So when he requested a crocheted sweater, even picking out the yarns and colors from my stash, I got right to it.
I winged it (as you can probably tell) and it was my first time using tunisian stitches for the modified drop sleeves. They feel soft and cozy and drape so nicely! The fun-to-do color pattern is Stitchdiva's 3-Color Tunisian(TM).
The overall silhouette of it makes me think of a '50's camp jacket. If there were some orangey or brown tones in place of the white, I think it would look even more so.
He loves dragons, volcanoes, fiery reds, fireworks, etc., so I tried out different stitches that might look like spiky flames as I went. He also loves angora and found a partial ball of Tahki Jolie (the white stripes). It's the same yarn I used for this bunny and this teacher's gift.
Other yarns used are: Karabella Aurora 8, S. Charles Collezione Victoria, Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart Plush, and Lion Brand Wool-Ease. When it cools off outside I'll put the buttons on. It also has pockets!