Friday, December 21

Home Stretch: A Minecraft Creeper Christmas

OK yes, it's taking me a looong time to finish this crochet amigurumi project. It's partly because of all the teaching I did this year. Try as I might, I wasn't able to use the Creeper as part of my class prep.
Inventory: 20 out of 28 Pieces DONE. Eight remain before final assembly.
I can do this!
For example, none of my class topics include its "jacquard" or "tapestry" or "intarsia" color change technique (for the primitive bitmapped look). None concerned 3-D crochet toys or sculptures either. Not this year, anyway.

Tunisian swatch on the right, single crochet on the left. 
Curious about a Tunisian crochet version? Me too. Here's a quick swatch using Tss (Tunisian Simple Stitch)

I've finished almost all of the Creeper pieces. Today's inventory:

4.5 out of 8 Leg Panels DONE.
The Four Torso Panels (the largest pieces besides the head):
The Eight Toe Panels (my favorite part):
The Tops & Bottoms of Feet (smallest panels of all):
3 out of 8 DONE.
The remaining small panels are perfect for TV crocheting, depending on the show. I'm watching season five of Lost and my crochet hook stops moving when it's on. Can't help it.