Friday, October 27

Glee Worm Tests Result in a Free Pattern

That face....that tilt of the head....don't you want to pinch its cheeks? Worms just want a little love.

The final test scores were very high: After showing his Dad what it can do (perch on a pencil, stretch to five times its length, get thrown in the air and bounce a little, etc), Bob took "Pumpkin Worm" to school, lost it, and misses it. [note: we've added two new worms--a blue one and a lime green one--to fill the void left by Pumpkin. They're cousins, Bob could tell by looking at their eyes.]
When a toy survives Bob's tests, the design is reviewed for possible publication; in this case, it qualifies for free pattern status at this blog! See complete pattern below:

Glee Worm
(like "glow worm" because the Jelly Yarn almost glows, get it?)
Pattern is for personal use only, make a copy for your own use but copies of pattern in any form may not be distributed in any way; please link to this site instead, you know the drill. Thank you.

  • Jelly Yarn (R), fine weight, about 3 yds. (That means 1 skein could net you 28 worms! Yee-haw!)
  • G/4mm crochet hook
  • A little hand lotion, or a "Vinylex"-type silicone if hook doesn't glide enough (comes with the Jelly Yarn)
  • 2 seed beads of contrasting color with big enough holes for the yarn.
  • clear glue (I used Aleene's Platinum Bond for jewelry)
  • Yarn needle

Commence hooking:

  1. Leave a 3-inch tail and make a slip knot so tightly that you stretch the yarn thinly; put a dab of glue on that knot. Chain 18.
  2. Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook, 2 single crochet in each chain across except last; 1 single crochet in last, fasten off with a tight knot, dab knot with glue, and leave a 3-inch tail.
  3. String 1 bead onto 1 tail. Weave tail in such a way that it positions the bead to look like an eye; you'll probably need to use a yarn needle. Secure with glue and trim. Repeat for other eye.

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  1. These are so cute! My 11 yr old learned to single crochet today and was making snakes for her brothers. I showed her this and told her about the 2 sc in ea ch making it twist, and she will be making some of these now, I'm sure.:)
    Your little one is adorable. :)