Sunday, April 8

Update: Minecraft Creeper Crochet

I've made significant progress since my last post!

Here is the completed head, which I stuffed with 8x8x2" pieces of foam rubber after seaming together 6 squares. It worked out.

This means several things: 

  1. The size of the crochet pieces (approx. 7.5" square, plus a selvage stitch at each side edge) works out with the 8-inch square foam pieces. I'm glad I added those selvage stitches.
  2. Cutting the foam into the sizes I needed was fast and easy. (I sawed through the foam with a bread knife.)
  3. Chair cushion pads (they yellowed while in storage with my
    sewing stuff). The bread knife worked great for
    cutting the 2-inch foam into 8" x 8" squares. 
  4. The seam turned out easier and better than I expected. It's a simple slip stitch crochet seam. The medium green yarn blends the best. 

Slip stitch seam with wrong sides facing out.
Ready to be turned right side out, and stuffed with the
four squares of foam.
It blends so well that I was even able to crochet the last seam after stuffing, instead of sewing it. This meant the seam was done on the outside of the head -- a.k.a. with right sides facing out, instead of with wrong sides facing out, like I did the other seams. Doesn't seem to matter, which is great!

Three pieces of foam added so far. One to go.
It's been pretty easy so far. Will the fourth foam piece
be difficult? It wasn't, really.
Another happy accident is that the foam doesn't show through the stitches because it's green

Meanwhile I have three out of six body panel completed, and a few of the 24 pieces needed for the feet.

The only thing I still wonder about is the best way to attach the head and feet to the body....


  1. That is amazing! Of course, now my son wants me to make him one.

  2. Do you have a pattern for this creeper? I have two grandsons who would absolutely flip over it.

    1. Hi Wendi, I don't, sorry. If I made it again I'd do it an easier, faster way. The one I made was unnecessarily complicated!