Friday, November 17

G-G-Ghost B-B-Bunny

Halloween being one of my most favorite holidays, it's not over for me until another holiday takes its place. So I introduce to you a joint effort between my son and me: Hector the Ectoplasmic Ectomorph (a.k.a. Ghostbunny).
I crocheted a barrel-chested squat bunny with pure angora yarn. When my son hand-felted it, its body type changed rapidly from endomorph to ectomorph. 'Bob' was so eager to felt it while getting ready for school in the morning that I didn't get a before-felting photo. Knowing this yarn (Jolie) I'd say it's two-thirds felted. A clones knot tail felted beautifully by the way. The ghostly eyes are my first-ever attempt at needle-felting which I did with a size #16 steel crochet hook from Lacis and wool roving from my Mom. Yeah, no paws, isn't it spooky?

Hector tends to float through life better than stroll or sit, so I needed a prop for him. He's the one who requested the tub of Ricemellow Creme. That is just so typical of him.

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  1. I love how you turned bunny fur into a bunny again!