Friday, March 23

Crochet for the Classroom

National Crochet Month revelry has not abated! As suggested by #12 on the list, "Crochet something for your child or child's teacher to be used in the classroom so that everybody sees some crochet at school", here is an angora pencil cup freshly crocheted for my son's teacher. She likes to put interesting things on her desk for students to explore.

She also likes my son's stories. One of them concerns a leprechaun who wanted an angora coat. The teacher asked him to explain the word "angora" to the class. He said that his mom crochets with all kinds of yarns and her favorite is angora because it's super soft and comes from bunnies. He came home glowing because his teacher praised him for using a special new word.

You can see why the pencil cup had to be angora.

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  1. What a fun teacher gift.

    And, TAG, you're it! Please visit my blog for details,