Monday, November 26

First Baby Cardi I Ever Made

I just found this cardi, it had been packed away. I crocheted it while newly pregnant and back then I was in the dark as to whether I was pregnant with "Bob" or with "Olivia Genevieve". I wanted to get started so I looked in my stash for 3 yarns that might work ok. One is Peachesn'Cream cotton, one is Sugarn'Cream cotton, and one is a fancy expensive silk and rayon of which I had a single skimpy-skein. The pink yarn is supposed to be peach, and I figured that if I had a boy, peach with brown shades and real leather buttons would work fine; I like peach more than mint green.
In the photo, "Bob" is ONE DAY old. I was in heaven just resting in the garden with him. It was April and those are red banana stalks behind me.

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