Friday, December 28

Meet Togepi, the Crocheted Christmas Pokemon

!!This is a BIG HIT with Toy Tester Bob and friends!!

I finished it in time for Christmas and frankly, at first I wasn't sure I would. The pattern was in all Japanese. The diagrams are fantastic though and after a few false starts, the rest fell into place quickly. For example, the diagram that I thought was for the head was actually for the bottom. I should have realized that the diagrams are color-coded, so since the head is yellow, so is the diagram. The feet and crown points are not perfect spheres and that threw me off at first, but there is no better way to explain it than the diagrams that were given.
The yarn is Bernat Cottontots because that's what I have in pale yellow and white. (Classic amigurumi is made with worsted-wt acrylic but I think I like Cottontots yarn better for this.)
Was unable to get felt pieces in the right shades of red and blue, and I have a thing for fabric paint anyway, so I went my own way and used it for the details. In the third photo it is freshly applied and very wet. It dried well as you can see in the first pic.
I actually prefer the fabric paint for the surface decorations--it has a durable and shiny-rich surface, but I wish I had embroidered the face so that I could've ripped it out until it was exactly perfect.

Friday, December 21

Pokemon Commemorative Lanyard

This custom Nintendo accessory, which commemorates game earnings in Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Emerald, has been thoroughly tested and approved by Toy Tester Bob.

Meanwhile, I used it to explore some crochet jewelry-making moves--mixing chaining and braiding and different kinds of beads and closures.

The prized Squirtle bead dates from the early days of my son's infatuation with Pokemon; he was about 4 years old and I don't remember what kind of toy it was a part of.

Monday, December 10

Shaun the Sheep: Yarn Saves the Day

I'm such a fan of Shaun the Sheep that my son looks at me funny. He'd probably pat my head if he could reach! Shaun the Sheep is created by the Wallace and Gromit folks. I discovered them way back when my son was captivated by claymation. This is 21st century claymation, friends!

I looked all over for a legal video clip or photo still of the Shaun the Sheep episode called "Timmy in a Tizzy". The whole episode is great and I love how a ball of yarn saves the day! Above is Timmy, the youngest of the flock.

The website has preview clips, games, activities, and other downloads. Play Woolly Jumper! It's not as easy as it looks!