Monday, December 10

Shaun the Sheep: Yarn Saves the Day

I'm such a fan of Shaun the Sheep that my son looks at me funny. He'd probably pat my head if he could reach! Shaun the Sheep is created by the Wallace and Gromit folks. I discovered them way back when my son was captivated by claymation. This is 21st century claymation, friends!

I looked all over for a legal video clip or photo still of the Shaun the Sheep episode called "Timmy in a Tizzy". The whole episode is great and I love how a ball of yarn saves the day! Above is Timmy, the youngest of the flock.

The website has preview clips, games, activities, and other downloads. Play Woolly Jumper! It's not as easy as it looks!


  1. I love Shaun the Sheep! This photo of him is way cute. Crocheted Shaun yet?

  2. how about
    give it a go, i love him too!

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Netflix carries season 1 and 2 for streaming. The episode you are looking for is Season 1, episode 11.

    I love these shows too,