Wednesday, May 7

Peacocks Visit Their Ancestral Home

This is fresh stuff today. The toydesigningblog lives! Soon after this entry I'll be posting a free crochet toy pattern, so stay tuned. I have a lot of designs that I need to start publishing, some for free and some as instant pdf downloads via Paypal, yay!

I appreciate the diehard faithful readers of this blog; some of you may recall when I blogged here about a peacock nest that hatched in our back yard. The peacocks have been roaming the neighborhood since, and they do visit occasionally. This morning I looked out my back window and this is what I saw. Can you find all 7?

The original mottled white babies are all grown up now! Unless they're males; in that case, their tail feathers have not come in yet; but it looks to me like the white ones are females. The 3rd white one that was born here could have been a male and therefore might have been stolen.

2007 saw new color combinations in other peacocks too; a few have some striking black mixed with the trademark peacock-blue and iridescent greens. Really stunning. Inspires me to design jewelry, actually....


  1. Hi,
    I had peacock in the 1970's. We used to eat their egg. Yummy. Really!

    The white peacock are female, the blue peacocks are male. They has a call which sounds like a child crying HELP. They will roost in the trees.

    We were able to get fresh vegetable matter from a local restaurant to feed them.

    Ours were caged at night because the raccoons were the local predators.

    thanks for letting me reminisce about the past

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