Wednesday, December 24

Holiday Frolic with Jelly Yarn: Free Pattern!

Silly me, after using Jelly Yarn to make some personalized bungee bookmark gifts for my son to take to school (see pattern below), I rather foolishly left it sitting out on the day that he had two friends sleep over. That's right, 3 grade school boys in a room with 1 ball of Jelly Yarn and a tempting pair of scissors. Everything and everyone got wrapped and tied. You could try counting all of the cut ends in the photo but you'd miss some :-)

I'd say there's less than a half of a skein left. Note to self: if providing Jelly Yarn as a party favor, allow 1 skein for every 3-4 kids.

Ready for the....Happy Holidays 2008 Free Pattern? This pattern is very simple and easy and requires only the most basic crochet skills. Full copyright held by Vashti Braha; for personal use only, please share the link to this pattern, not the pattern itself. Thank you.

Book Bling Bungee

Supplies Needed:

  • 5mm/H/US8 aluminum crochet hook
  • Jelly Yarn, fine weight: small amount
  • Some bling (I found these giant acrylic 'crystals' in a holiday display at Michaels)
  • 2"x2" (approx.) scrap of Foamies (foam rubber sheet-also at Michaels); I cut mine into a tree ornament shape and punched a hole in the top.
  • Hand lotion, small amount (for hook)
  1. Don't use hand lotion yet. String bling onto Jelly Yarn ("JY"). Make a very tight slip knot with a loop to fit over your hook. Chain 3.
  2. Don't use hand lotion yet. Pull up one bling bead close to hook, chain: this is a beaded chain stitch. Repeat for the rest of your strung bling. You can use hand lotion now.
  3. Insert hook into hole that you punched into your foam piece, pull JY strand through, chain 1.
  4. Chain about 54--it depends on how tightly you chain and the size of your book. Finished bungee will stretch.
  5. Stop using hand lotion (so that your fastening off will stay tight.) Slip stitch into each of first 3 chain stitches to form a ring, slip stitch into the next 2 beaded chains, chain 1, fasten off as tightly as possible. Hide ends behind bling. Write something on foam piece with magic marker if desired.

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  1. Would this work with regular yarn? Where do you find Jelly Yarn? Never heard of the stuff! Love the finished project!