Tuesday, August 10

The Venus Flytrap Action Puppet

Your basic two-piece Venus Flytrap crochet toy.

The Big News

Pick one for me, I can't decide:
    Flytrap "zipper" action holds captured fly securely.
    (i.e. keeps kids busy)
  • A bidding war broke out at the elementary school holiday event for the last one.
  • A kid can make one. Or at least significantly help the parent. It's an ideal beginner's crochet project. 
  • It's educational: botanically accurate flytrap "zipper" action when a juicy fly (see the lavender one above) is captured.
  • Extra fast and easy, thanks to the foam sheets & simple shape. Especially valuable on the night before the school event.
  • As safe for rambunctious boys to play with as a sock puppet—for example, if/when they attempt to make the Venus Flytrap capture other children. (Not safe under age 3 due to chain loops and possibility of small foam pieces.)
Slip fingers into these pockets, puppet-like.

This is one of the educational toys available at my new crochet pattern website, and now also in my Ravelry store. Especially see Gallon Friend, Stingray Puppetmittens, and Cheerful Chores!

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