Wednesday, September 24

Crocheted Minecraft Creeper, Complete

Sinister glow in the wrong, wrong light.
I'm shocked to discover that I never posted photos of the completed Creeper! 
Forced out of the shadows.
For the moment...

I was sure I had. Instead, I'm probably remembering adding photos to Flickr, Ravelry and Twitter.

The finished Creeper stands quite tall. I love the size, and it wouldn't have taken so long to crochet if I'd used a different color block multiple.

I like that the foam blocks I used for stuffing are green colored. I blogged about a few more Creeper ideas I had here.

It's very sturdy. I crocheted a stitch from each piece together to join - Crochet 101, really. The head can turn just a bit to fixate on a victim, thanks to the slight flex of the crocheted joins (seams).

Here is its project page in Ravelry.
A raging Creeper!! Quelle terreur!!

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